How APR 400 saves the day for hawaiian food company ?

factory worker watching over vat

Marsh Label Technologies, in cooperation with Trans World Industries, work together to support the labelling needs of a Hawaiian food processer.   

The cooking process at this processer involves steaming food product in large vats and then dispensing them into plastic bags with a Tyvek® label applied.  The label is printed using thermal transfer technology printer and displays the ingredients, date, time, and proprietary coding information as well as a United States Dept. of Agriculture seal. All required by the USDA.  

The challenge

The Tyvek material is required to resist the steam and cooking conditions which would damage traditional paper labels. However, the production personnel at the plant couldn’t find a thermal transfer ribbon that could print clear information on Tyvek and resist the hot, wet conditions in the processing plant.   

Marsh Label Technologies turned to ARMOR-IIMAK for a feasible solution.  

The solution

After Trans World conducted testing with the plant, the ARMOR-IIMAK APR 400 near-edge wax resin ribbon was chosen due to its ability to print clear information on the Tyvek material and resist the tough conditions. 

The APR 400 achieved such a good print that it’s now the standard ribbon for the processer. The plant uses two different sizes of APR400, both with the inkanto brand, and benefit from inkanto’s signature lifetime warranty and other unique features. 

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